Stance Equitec Turmericle

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Stance Equitec Turmericle

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Helps fight oxidative stress

  • Contains turmeric and resveratrol, two powerful antioxidants, to support cellular health
  • Provides coconut oil and ground black pepper to support the proper absorption of turmeric
Turmericle® is a unique golden powder blend that combines all of the benefits of turmeric, coconut oil, resveratrol, and ground black pepper in a convenient and easy-to-use powdered form. The first ingredient, turmeric, is known for its powerful antioxidant properties, and may help your horse’s body neutralize free radicals before they damage healthy cells and cell membranes. In addition, it supports a normal inflammatory response and may help your horse stay comfortable. Next, this formula contains Power Stance®, which is Stance® Equine's unique powdered coconut oil supplement. This key ingredient helps ensure the proper absorption of turmeric and supports your horse's overall health and well-being. For additional antioxidant support, this formula provides resveratrol. Finally, ground black pepper is included to support the absorption of turmeric.